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Electricity for you and your business

Electricity to all Space Business Centres is supplied and managed by E.ON, one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers.

Smart metering

Your electricity supply is metered by state-of-the-art ‘Smart Metering’. More technologically advanced than traditional meters, the Smart Meter automatically sends your meter reading to E.ON via SMS technology which is then used for billing.

No penalties

At Space Business Centres you won’t incur penalty charges from early termination of your electricity supply contract should you need to move premises. However, you will be required to remain on the agreed contract whilst you stay in the premises or the contract ends (whichever is sooner).


What are the benefits of smart metering?

  • What are the benefits of smart metering?
  • No more estimated bills – all your electricity bills will be based on your actual consumption.
  • No need to submit your own meter readings.
  • Better financial planning & forecasting as you'll have a clearer idea of actual consumption & spend.
  • No more inconvenient visits from the meter reader.

Moving in

On signing up for a unit, your site manager will send E.ON your details, including your name, address and telephone number as well as a meter read and the date you took occupation. You will have agreed your meter reading with the site manager prior to signing all your licence documentation.

E.ON will then write to you confirming the details and place you on to standard contract rates.

You should then call E.ON on 0345 301 4881, stating that you are a Space Business Centre tenant with your account number and agree new contract rates. The longer you can commit, the better the deal. Please note that Space Business Centres have no involvement with E.ON on this contract as it is between you and the supplier. 

Never change supplier from E.ON as this will significantly delay the return of your deposit. Your unit needs to be returned with E.ON as supplier.


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